The Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) has invented a new kind of bendable concrete that is stronger than regular concrete--and lasts longer too.

Called ConFlexPave, the substance can be cast into slim precast pavement slabs for quick installation, which requires less time for road works and new pavements. Typical concrete is made of cement, water, gravel and sand, which does not promote flexibility and therefore is brittle and can crack easily. But ConFlexPave is engineered to have certain types of hard materials mixed with polymer microfibers to allow it to bend under tension.

NTU Professor Chu Jian, Interim Co-Director of the NTU-JTC I³C, said, “We developed a new type of concrete that can greatly reduce the thickness and weight of precast pavement slabs, hence enabling speedy plug-and-play installation, where new concrete slabs prepared off-site can easily replace worn out ones.”

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