In the next few years, Claremont, Calif., design/build firm HartmanBaldwin will likely reach its target of $10 million in sales volume. When Devon Hartman and William Baldwin were named to the Big50 in 1993, their company's yearly sales came to $1 million, and the firm had one in-house architect. Now the company employs four architects, three draftspersons, plus an interior designer. A long, well-planned road has lead to their success, and a similar path charts their future. The jump from $1 million to $5 million took strategic planning, and the next step to $10 million will add more sophisticated systems.

Devon Hartman (left) and William Baldwin, pictured in 1993, when they were named to the Big 50. Compoa "We continue to focus on high design and high quality," Hartman says. The design group, as well as four crews of field staff, ensures quality control and smooth communication on all aspects of the projects. The company starts with a thorough three-stage design and estimating process. The first step is a feasibility study with a detailed cost breakdown that is guaranteed to be within 15% of the final estimate. The company also includes a client satisfaction survey with every invoice at all stages of the project. HartmanBaldwin has always targeted high-end work, but now the company is pursuing $200,000 to $300,000 jobs, which requires more sophisticated marketing. Last year they hired a consultant to help them come up with a marketing plan. An in-house marketing coordinator implements the ideas.

The company recognizes that it needs employee input to reach the $10 million goal. Employees are responsible for reporting and tracking three-year goals on a quarterly basis.

This leaves partners Hartman and Baldwin time to work on the big picture. "Our long-term goal is to offer curb to curb services -- from landscaping to interiors," Hartman says.