Which building event got "bigger and tiny-er" at the same time this year? The Tiny House Jamboree, held at the U.S. Air Force Academy campus in Colorado Springs, Colo., saw an attendance of 60,000 people and 50 tiny homes on display in its second year. ARCHITECT contributor and tiny house enthusiast Sean David Burke described the event and put together a post-card style montage of the happenings in this ARCHITECT article. Of the tiny house movement itself, he writes that zoning laws and permits are still a problem:

Though the tiny-house movement has been gaining steam, many logistical uncertainties remain, such as where people can legally park and live in them. While no single list of locations is available, part one of the documentary series Living Tiny Legally (2016), screened at the Jamboree, can serve as “an educational resource for tiny house advocates and city officials.” The filmmakers and traveling tiny house couple, Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, plan to add more resources and segments to the documentary in the future.

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