To create a custom tiled surface that wraps a 1,000-square-foot core wall of a New York duplex apartment, architect Bryan Young considered using felt, glass, and metal. Then he came upon plaster--particularly the time-honored technique of pulled plaster, in which a pile of wet plaster is scoured into shape by a contoured die (“knife”) and carrier (“horse”) pulled along straight rails. The technique is used to make crown molding, but what Young did was far different.

The result is a beautiful display that won Young a citation in ARCHITECT's annual R+D awards. In his project, plaster panels are mounted vertically, with joints obscured to form a “sculpted monolith.” Rather than the straight and uniform extrusion of crown molding, this project has wavelike “sweep” profiles through a combination of 3D modeling software and physical modeling.

For more pictures and details on the process, visit ARCHITECT.

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