Houzz contributor Michelle Gage looks at nine design elements that can transform any room into functional playroom for kids in years to come.

  1. Be sure to use appropriate surfaces for all imaginations and types of play. Include a table for coloring, but be sure to leave enough floor space for building blocks and other surface toys. While carpets can provide a cozy atmosphere, they are prone to stains and involve a lot of upkeep. Suggest to your client that they use area rugs throughout the room as they are easier to replace.
  2. Tapping into a child’s artistic creativity, suggest leaving an empty wall for your client’s children to display their artwork. This element adds a personal touch to any playroom.
  3. Design the room with dedicated zones for specific tasks like a reading nook or a table for doing homework. Sectioning off a playroom like this can accommodate siblings of any age.

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