Merit Award: Curve Ahead

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Making the most of limited space, this apartment remodel provides a simple, yet striking, living space.

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Project Info

Architect: Jane E. Treacy and Philip R. Eagleburger, Treacy & Eagleburger Architects, Washington, D.C.
Contractor: David Steinbraker, G. Morris Steinbraker & Sons, Washington


  • Update the apartment’s look

  • Create a more open feel in the cozy space

  • Highlight the home’s curvilinear shape


Whatever your political leanings, the word Watergate has a variety of connotations, most of them negative and all of them rooted firmly in the 1970s. The same was true for the one-bedroom apartment at the end of a curved hallway that received an update from Treacy & Eagleburger Architects, in Washington, D.C.

The most drastic change was eliminating a wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. In its place is what the architects call a “prairie dog unit” kitchen island. That means that only the heads of the people working in the kitchen can be seen from the living room. This resulted in a much larger entryway from the foyer, giving the apartment more openness.

Judges’ Comments

“[The team did] a fabulous job of opening up [the space] and dealing with the tedious walls of the Watergate.”

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