Merit Award: A Shed Spread

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Architect Nick Deaver turns an abandoned, forgotten shed into a modern Texas marvel.

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Project Info

Architect: Nick Deaver, Nick Deaver Architect, Austin, Texas
Contractor: Stacy Pearson, Austin


  • Restore a neglected landscape and build a home belonging to it

  • Make the home environmentally sensitive

  • Bring a sense of the outdoors into the home


Among the gently rolling hills just north of Austin, a real-life Little House on the Prairie has been reborn into a contemporary home. Once a simple tin-clad abandoned shed, architect Nick Deaver has transformed the structure, making it one with the famous Hill Country.

The entire home has been clad in galvanized corrugated metal, keeping maintenance to a minimum, while a series of three porches connect the interior to the rugged outdoors. Windows frame views and highlight the site’s beauty. The home’s rustic setting nicely contrasts with the interior’s sleek, modern design. During the day, skylights bathe the interior in natural light, while at night they prove that the stars are indeed big and bright “deep in the heart of Texas.”

Judges’ Comments

“Remarkable example of remodeling ... turning [the house] into something completely contemporary and full of great ideas.”

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