Peyton Hogh

In Nashville's climate, this screened porch and terrace addition offers the homeowners nearly year-round outdoor living. That extra space means a lot to a family with two growing boys. Landscape architect and partner with Ben Page Associates, Gavin Duke, designed the space big enough for entertaining, but with a brick and bluestone seating wall that doesn't make it feel too large. Duke reflected the home's Williamsburg-style architecture in the addition by matching the terrace brick to the home's brick and using details such as Tuscan columns. The designers called in an arborist to help save an 80-year-old red oak, by figuring out the best siting for the porch and working around the tree's root system.

The transition from house to yard needed improvement, and the designers accomplished this by locating the terrace just three steps down from the interior and creating a small landing. “It's more of a podium now as opposed to a sunken area,” Duke says. The pavilion has a copper roof and a traditional fireplace.

The judges felt that the design “adds substance to the home and adds to the courtyard appearance, while creating interior and exterior space at the same time.” They said they wished that there was a Design Awards category for best screened-in porch.

Peyton Hogh

Category: Addition, over $100,000


Nashville, Tenn.


Ridley Wills III, The Wills Co., Nashville


Ben Page, Ben Page and Associates, Nashville