The existing resort community home had little character despite its exotic-sounding West Indies-style architecture. The clients, said architect Scott Wilson — who had worked on their primary home in Tennessee — “called and said, ‘We just bought the ugliest house in Rosemary Beach and we want you to do something with it.'”

Wilson gave an exterior face-lift to the house and fulfilled a town requirement that the property have a detached carriage house. The two structures are connected only by a stucco gate. Exterior details on the new balconies, rails, exposed rafters, roof, and wall materials tie the structures together architecturally. The two-story carriage house comprises a two-car garage, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and loft. Remodeler Skeeter Coleman, who had also worked on the clients' main home, brought in a crew from Tennessee to work on site.

The judges liked the carriage-house overhangs, and the way the designer treated the base for the second floor because “it cuts down on the scale of it.” They also liked the whimsical details such as sea-horse cutouts in the balcony rail and wavy wrought iron grille-work in the interior spiral staircase. “It's like a lighthouse or tree house,” one said. “It's such a fun project; someone really enjoyed playing here.”

Category: Additions, over $250,000

Location: Rosemary Beach, Fla.

Contractor: Skeeter Coleman, Coleman Construction, Franklin, Tenn.

Designer: Scott Wilson, Scott Wilson Architect, Brentwood, Tenn.