John Horner

Dubbed the Grow Box, this full house remodel in Lexington, Mass., involved the addition of a new two-story 1,975-square-foot suburban villa. The Grow Box project was headed by Boston-based Merge Architects which was tasked with enlarging the space to create a stronger connection between the house and its landscape.

From our sister site Architect magazine,

"The main entry is tucked inside a blank recess facing the street and leads through a foyer into a double-height, clerestory-lit living area, a kitchen, and a dining space, all of which open onto the central glass-enclosed garden. Upstairs, the gardens divide the second floor into quadrants—occupied by the master bedroom, an office, another bedroom, and the upper portion of the living area. This configuration emphasizes the role of the garden within the house while providing sufficient distance for privacy within the relatively small footprint…Grow Box posits a very specific relationship with nature based on textures, colors, and rhythms found in the natural world. But unlike the previous house on site, it’s a carefully designed object that encourages the contemplation of nature and its own place within it.”

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