Sunspace Sunrooms’ research echoes a trend the remodeling industry has been noticing for a while: “Homeowners want to expand their living space,” says marketing director Bill Cairns. “They’re looking at a deck or slab they can only use when the weather is good and asking, ‘How do we make a living space out of it?’”

Sunspace offers highly customized room enclosure and sunroom options to customers throughout Canada and much of the U.S. “Every house is different, so our dealers will sit down with their customers and go over every inch of the sunroom or enclosure and what they want it to look like,” Cairns says. “A proprietary software program allows us to design the space so they know exactly what they’re going to get.”

A screen room option is available, along with three sunroom styles, including the popular vertical four track room, which incorporates Sunspace’s WeatherMaster windows. Adding another level of comfort, “the windows feature vinyl glazing, which reduces heat/cold transfer and, when fully open, they provide 75% ventilation, compared to 50% for a standard window,” Cairns says. Other Sunspace Sunrooms options include a WeatherMaster porch enclosure in a range of frame color and tint options, a glass-window sunroom, and a “thermal room” with insulated pillars and double-glazed windows for, potentially, year-round use.

—Lauren Hunter, associate editor, REMODELING.

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