When Rebekah Carey’s grandmother need more help around the house, Carey knew the perfect place to be close to her: the garage. Carey’s grandmother’s 1905 home in Berkley, Calif. had a 200-square-foot space that Carey knew she could perfectly revamp into a flawless home. With a budget of less than $2,500, Carey was able to elegantly transform this garage into a home.

Before moving in, Carey had to work with the concrete floor that needed to have a sub-floor built on in order to support the reclaimed hardwood floors. This also required everything needing to be insulated. The biggest challenge Carey faced was installing, by hand, the reclaimed strip oak flooring that she got all for free.

The key to this remodel was making sure that no one, as Carey told Refinery29, felt like they were “reliving their dorm experiences, or feel like this was just temporary housing.” By included exposed beams, a white color palette, keeping things organized, and including space for entertaining Carey achieved just that.

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