Logo for Remodeling Design Awards

REMODELING announced today the five-member panel that will judge this year's Remodeling Design Awards, the magazine's annual celebration of the nation's best remodeling and light commercial projects. The jury members are:

The competition is for remodeling and light commercial projects completed as early as June 1, 2012. Winners will be featured in the September issue of Remodeling magazine, on this website, and in the Remodeling Business Update e-newsletter. A number of winners also will get focused coverage in the "Before + After" and "You Built It" sections of the magazine.

To take part, register by May 6. Entry binders are due at Remodeling's Washington, D.C., office by May 19.

Go to www.remodelingdesignawards.com for more information and to register. Questions? Contact Tim Regan at TRegan@hanleywood.com.