Houzz's just released 2016 Bathroom Trends Survey points to homeowners having the money and time to finally update their dated bathrooms. The annual bathroom report found that homeowners are fed up with bathrooms that are at least 16 years old and are turning to professional remodelers to guide them through the remodel.

46% of those homeowners remodeling their bathrooms were just plain fed up with the style, 38% had wanted to remodel for quite some time, and 29% had something break or deteriorate. Those numbers come into sharper perspective when coupled with the fact that 48% of the bathrooms getting remodeled are between 16 and 30 years old. And who are these homeowners turning to to update their bathrooms? A majority of homeowners surveyed chose general contractors with a 55% share, 44% chose a building specialist, and 21% chose a cabinet specialist.

The report also found that homeowners are interested in a larger shower size, even if they aren't increasing the size of the bathroom itself. 75% of those homeowners remodeling kept the same size of the bathroom while 68% of those updating their showers as part of the remodel were increasing the size. 30% of those updating their showers actually increased the size of the shower by more than 50%. This could be due to the popularity of rainfall showerheads, with 54% of homeowners choosing the style for their updated showers.

It won't come as a surprise that there are some areas in the bathroom that homeowners are looking at more than others. Faucets, wall finish, flooring, countertops, sinks, lighting, showers, and cabinets were all part of more than 80% of bathroom remodels. Toilets were part of 70% of bathroom remodels, and windows were only part of 28%.

So how much are homeowners looking to spend on remodeling their bathrooms? A majority of homeowners are looking to spend between $10,000 and $25,000, with slightly more actually spending that on the renovation. A very small percent of homeowners are doing drastic remodels, with only 7% budgeting more than $50,000 on their bathrooms.

We hear a lot about luxury upgrades like radiant heating or saunas, but homeowners aren't actually installing these luxury items. Only 9% of homeowners surveyed installed towel heaters and only 2% installed a sauna. That contrasts with the 12% of homeowners who just finished a remodel and wished they had installed towel heaters. This chart makes a good case for remodelers to try and upsell these features so homeowners are aware that the option exists.

There's much more included in the actual study, which you can read by clicking here, including more data on the products homeowners are choosing, and some choice quotes about why homeowners were choosing to renovate. The Houzz bathroom study was completed during June and July of 2016 with participation from 2,127 homeowners who completed a bathroom renovation in the last 12 months, are currently completing one, or are starting one within the next three months.