Modular construction has been around for a while, but it's popularity has rapidly risen in the past few years says Washington Post contributor Michele Lerner. Homeowners find prefab building to not only be an efficient, inexpensive, and fast process for constructing a home but a preferable alternative to extensive remodeling projects and costly home additions as well. Modular construction can now be customized and designed with high-end finishes and luxury materials and seems to have quickly lost its misconceived reputation as a low quality form of building. It could be becoming the preferred option for future projects.

Custom modular additions can be designed to blend with almost any architectural style, and can take less than half the time--from start to finish--of a traditional site-built addition and cost 10% to 15% less for homeowners.

“Until recently, modular additions were one size fits all, but through design and manufacturing innovations they have become highly customizable,” says Michael Winn, owner of Winn Custom Modular, a division of Winn Design + Build in Falls Church, Va. “It’s not your father’s modular. Anyone who’s picked up a copy of Dwell magazine has quickly discovered that modular construction has become very cutting edge. The modern approach is highly automated, customizable, precise, sustainable and fast.”

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