When a Brooklyn couple moved to Westchester County, they found a one-bedroom apartment that struck a chord. The 900-square-foot apartment faces the Hudson River with spectacular views of the Palisades. Yet, the home needed an update, with wall-to-wall carpeting and a linoleum-lined balcony -- not to mention a pink bathroom.

With no remodeling experience, S. Jefferson Thomas and Patricia Balaci decided they wanted to bring the sparkle of Manhattan into their suburban home. The couple embarked on a mission to find a contractor that could help them renovate their home for the look they wanted at a reasonable price.

They removed the carpeting; saved money by installing Ikea cabinets but making doors to fit them, using textured melamine cabinets; and splurged on a $5,200 Krion waterfall countertop for the kitchen island.

Over the course of 103 days, the home was transformed into a sleek, modern apartment.

New York Times writer Michelle Higgins says that end result of the project was a thumbs up from everyone involved:

Ms. Balaci agreed that the time and effort was ultimately worth it. “I love it — it’s the best place I ever lived,” she said, sipping a latte in the couple’s gleaming new kitchen. “This place, I smile when I come into it.”

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