By REMODELING Magazine Staff. CST/berger. The LaserMark MP5 offers plumb, level, and square calculations instantly up to 100 feet. The unit features five self-leveled, highly focused 650-nm beams that provide an accuracy of 1/4 inch at 100 feet. The unit's gravity-design pendulum self levels instantly and automatically. (800) 435-1859.

PlugGrip. A safer way to work with electrical outlets, the PlugGrip plugs into any dual 110-125 volt grounded outlet, providing a solid grip for installation or removal. When the power is shut off, the device grabs the outlet and holds it so that the outlet can be wired and inserted. After the power is turned back on, separate-feed power indicator lights notify the installer when the outlet is correctly installed. (866) 562-9363.

DeWalt. The DW077 fully automatic self-leveling cordless rotary laser is accurate to within ±1/8 inch per 100 feet and features an out-of-level shut-off feature, an easy-to-use control panel, one-button leveling, and a wireless remote control. The laser's high-power diode delivers a bright beam that is visible indoors up to 100 feet and up to 600 feet outdoors with a detector. The DW077 runs on the same 9.6- to 18-volt battery packs as the company's power tools. (800) 433-9258.

Pacific Laser Systems. The PLS2 palm laser is compact and portable without sacrificing accuracy. Ideal for plumb, square, and level jobs, the handheld unit is self-leveling up to 6 degrees and is accurate to 1/8 inch at 30 feet. (800) 601-4500.

Photo: Courtesy Zircon

Zircon. The CF12 circuit breaker locator helps a single user determine which breaker controls a specific circuit, allowing them to work on just that circuit without turning off power to the other circuits. It includes a transmitter that plugs into the circuit via a standard outlet, sending a signal down the wire, and a receiver wand that scans breaker-box breakers. A green LED light and audio signal are activated when the correct breaker is found. (800) 245-9265.

Photo: Courtesy American Tool

American Tool. The Strait-Line laser line generator includes levels for horizontal and plumb applications, a soft-grip handle, and a flip-top lens cover. Metal pins allow the unit to be anchored to a wall. The line generator comes with a carrying case that attaches to a belt. (800) 866-5740.

Photo: Courtesy Stanley

Stanley. The FatMax laser level combines the durability and look of the company's FatMax level with laser technology. The tool features aluminum construction, impact-resistant solid block vials, shock-absorbing end caps, and an extra large comfort grip handle. Designed for a range of indoor jobs, the tool features a beam line spreader, beam cross line, and 90-degree beam splitter. It offers an accuracy of ±1/4 inch at 100 feet. (800) 782-6539.

Photo: Courtesy LeveLite

LeveLite. The AccuSquare Pro offers the convenience of a precise laser tool with an affordable price, says the maker. The tool generates two lines with two class 3a laser diodes that extend 50 to 100 feet. The unit's metal housing includes a protractor for determining angles. (800) 453-8354.

Photo: Courtesy Rovenet

Rovenet. Portable Forms server-based tools allow ordinary users to quickly and easily create repetitive correspondence and personalized form completion applications like orders and quotes using Microsoft Word. The forms are designed at a desktop computer and can be accessed and customized on a wireless handheld computer. The documents can then be transmitted via wireless e-mail or fax or can be hot-synced back to the desktop. (631) 287-3270.

Photo: Courtesy RoboToolz

RoboToolz. The RT-7690-2 self-leveling remote-controlled laser level offers simultaneous level and plumb rotating lasers with a leveling accuracy of ±1/8 inch at 100 feet and a plumb accuracy of ±1/4 inch at 100 feet. It has a self-leveling range of ±6 degrees and includes an out-of-level indicator. It offers both a line dither/scan mode with six adjustable beam lengths and a three-speed spin mode. An all-in-one remote control/laser detector operates up to 300 feet away. (800) 984-0404.