Have clients who want to bring the outdoors in? San Francisco-based interior designer Jennifer Ott writes for Houzz on how you can remodel an indoor kitchen with an outdoor vibe with these tricks.

  1. Be sure to maximize the amount of natural light that streams into a kitchen. Position the kitchen in a way that receives the most daylight. South-facing kitchens get the most sunlight.
  2. Install large glass doors and be generous with your windows to maximize the natural sunlight once more. Without breaking the bank, by installing large glass doors, you can create an indoor-outdoor flow.
  3. Able to install a skylight? Great! As Ott write, "If large glass doors and windows aren’t an option, perhaps you can install a series of skylights or light tubes. This is a great way to compensate for the lack of natural light common to north-facing and interior-sited kitchens. Just keep in mind that skylights turn into black boxes at night, so be sure to work in enough light fixtures to keep the space properly lighted at night.”
  4. Faking an outdoor look can be done by adding brick pavers for the kitchen floor and including wood materials to create an “outdoorsy feeling.”
  5. Pop the kitchen with all the colors from Mother Nature by incorporating “soothing, soft sky blues, verdant greens, and sunny yellow for a dose of the colors we associate with outside.”
  6. Install an indoor herb garden for your clients so that they can have fresh herbs year-around and also highlight their kitchen with some natural greens from the outdoors.

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