The price of glass tile can deter homeowners from choosing it. "Glass can be equal to or double the price of natural stone. Also, installation is more than it would be with ceramic," says D. Kirk.

According to DeeDee Gundberg, glass tiles can range from $8 to $60 per square foot for field tile and up to $200 per square foot for high-end glass mosaics.

Bonnie Bagley says many of her clients are willing to spend the money for the design options glass offers. She says the $8 per square foot tiles are a good alternative. "It's for clients who want glass -- but on their budget," Bagley says.

Jimmy Reed says some companies are offering cost-effective alternatives to even the high-end expensive mosaic tiles. "As with anything, you get what you pay for," Reed says. "The cheaper material is good for those not concerned with depth of color, texture, and authenticity."