From Cramped Condo Bath to Spacious Spa Retreat

Sharing a bathroom, especially with guests operating on different schedules, can be challenging,. This condo had its owners sharing the master bath with guests, so they decided to tackle the project right away to avoid any complications. The goal was to create an en suite master bath that, according to architect and builder Stephen Shoup, “would afford a sense of privacy and strike a balance between original detailing and a modern spa-like feel.”

Key to this design was the condo’s ample storage space. Shoup was able to take an existing closet and transform it into part of the new bathroom, which gave enough space for the addition of the toilet and a second sink. With only 94 square feet to work with, Shoup's team didn’t have the generous space sometimes associated with a master bath, but by emphasizing the owner’s streamlined Scandinavian design leanings, they were able to craft a sense of space and lightness.

Scott Hargis Photo
Scott Hargis Photo

Tall, thin mirrors help emphasize the room’s high ceilings and reflect the large window’s natural light. The mirrors were also custom-wrapped with LED lights, creating an even brighter space. The shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass partitions, with no steps or doors, while the sinks are situated on custom walnut cabinets suspended above the porcelain tile floor. 

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