Homeowners place a lot of weight on bathroom design, due to the fact everyone spends time freshening up in the space. Most want the room to be the ultimate Zen oasis and not a space filled with clutter or overwhelming colors.

Jennifer Geddes of Realtor.com presents a few styles that are not currently trending in bathroom redesign:

1. The all-white box
The problem? Homeowners are finding it's impossible to keep this room clean. "White tile and flooring can stain very easily, and any little mark glares at you from across the room, tainting the crisp, clean concept of an all-white look," explains Tonya Bruin, CEO of To Do–Done Handyman Services


2. Minimalism
A sparse bathroom can be relaxing: No clutter! Clean lines! But if the look is too bare, you'll end up with a space that simply doesn't work for everyday life. Just ask design expert Jessica Filoso, of real estate company CLV Group, who's seen her share of near-empty bathrooms. "The main issue with this trend is that you don't have enough storage," she points out. "With an overly minimalist design, you end up with all your stuff on the floor, which means your 'simple look' is one big mess."

3. Overly funky color schemes
Mustard. Salmon. Avocado. In small doses, they're nice hues (and delicious foods!). But they aren't very welcome in today's powder room. The most appealing, modern look is a mix of three colors in a 70/20/10 distribution. "Use the neutral one most of the time (70% of the walls, floor, tile), a rich contrasting color for 20% of the look, and then an accent shade for the last 10%," says Bee Heinemann, an interior design expert at Vant Wall Panels.

4. Dual sinks
His-and-her sinks seemed like a good idea for a while: She has a dedicated spot for hair and makeup, and he has a personal basin for his shaving and grooming. But after years of carving out space in master baths for two matching sinks, designers and home buyers are backing away from the trend. "Today most people wish they had more counter space, rather than that second sink," Heinemann says.

5. Subway tile and nickel finishes
There are some designers who will still install subway tile by default, but this ubiquitous design trend is starting to fade. "Large-format tile is a good way to go, as are mini mosaics and geometric tiles," says Nicole Rojas, a decorating guru with Tellus Design in Southern California. Similarly, when it comes to hardware and accents, cool finishes (nickel and chrome, for example) are taking a back seat to brushed gold and even black, Pila reports.

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