Wanting to find a place to escape from her chaotic London life, novelist Freya North in 2010 decided to move from the big city to the English countryside in rural Hertfordshire, England. An author of 14 books, Freya North moved with her two children into a five bedroom, four bathroom home.

Built in the 1970s, the home is situated on 50 acres of land with stables and pastureland. Originally the home had small, narrow rooms, which North modernized by expanding them to create a semi-open floor plan with wall to wall bookshelves from floor to ceiling. With the open floor plan, the result was a comfy home filled with a white and brown color palette.

For the kitchen, North added a fake flagstone floor over the existing black linoleum. She also added hard-wearing iron wood countertops. In the bathroom, North painted the underside of her elegant tub in a bright and bold fuchsia, telling Houzz, “It just works against all the white in here and it is so girlie. I moved here as a single and thought: Right, I’m having a pink bath!”

To further explore how North made this countryside home her own, plus how her two children transformed their rooms, click below.

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