Over the last 16 years, husband-and-wife team Brian and Melody Emerick have been tackling commercial and residential construction projects. The duo has focused primarily on restoring historic homes in the Portland, Ore., area. So what has this duo learned about remodeling homes? Melody Emerick told Curbed's Melissa Dalton the eight renovation mistakes they often see clients make; do your clients also make these mistakes?

Here are four out of the eight mistakes Emerick cited:

  1. Renovating for someone else: Emerick says that people worry too much about the next person living in their home, rather than themselves. Thinking too much about prospective buyers prevents a homeowner from achieving what they really want in a home remodel.
  2. Renovating for an ideal self: A home remodel won’t transform someone’s ingrained habits, as true habits die hard. Emerick tells clients to renovate a space for the person they are now, not the one they want to be.
  3. Don’t let your clients succumb to "fashion architecture": Invest in a home’s original character. As Emerick told Curbed, “You can change out a countertop or tile, but it’s a lot harder to re-do windows and doors. Make these the highest quality you can and it will be money well spent.”
  4. Ignoring proportions: People tend to focus on results and often forget that little tweaks can impact the overall character and feel of a home. Thus, make sure you and your client keep an eye on proportions, “or the relationship between the governing elements of a space--things like size of windows and doors and ceiling heights—helps a remodel ultimately feel seamless and appropriate rather than a tacked on afterthought.”

What other mistakes often happen during a home renovation? Let us know in the comment section.
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