Baby Boomers by the Numbers
The U.S. Census Department reports on the size and composition of the baby boom generation.

Profile of America’s Older Boomers
Statistics from MetLife on those born between 1946 and 1951.

So Many Remodels, So Little Accessibility
New research shows that many baby boomers are missing the boat when it comes to remodeling in a way that accommodates their future needs.

Baby Boomer Retirement Trends
Twelve trends to watch as this crucial cohort reaches retirement age.

How the Baby Boomers’ Retirement Will Affect the Economy
As the website notes, the effects may not be entirely positive.

Falls Among Older Adults
Falls—including falls in the home—are a health risk that increases with age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines the problem and some simple measures to reduce it.

Baby Boomers and Their Homes
Research from the Demand Institute looks at boomers’ housing preferences.

Universal Design

The Accessible Home
Architect, accessibility expert, and Remodeling magazine contributor Deborah Pierce’s indispensable guide to inclusive design.

AARP HomeFit Guide
Learn how best to adapt your home to your family’s changing needs.

Universal Design Primer for Remodeling Pros
Our quick guide for turning a design philosophy into profitable work.

Universal Design Living Laboratory
This demonstration home and garden incorporates unobtrusive universal design, green building methods, advanced automation, and healthy home construction.

Video: Embracing Universal Design: Better Living for Baby Boomers
Manny Gonzalez of KTGY Architecture+Planning talks about some of the most important aspects of universal design—including the need to keep it invisible.

Project: The “Lifelong” Home
AARP tours a house remodeled for long-term accessibility.

The Price of Accessibility
AARP looks at the cost of the most popular accessibility upgrades.

Get Universal Design Certified
For advanced training and universal design professional certification, check out the NARI Universal Design Certified Professional and NAHB Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) programs.

The Universal Benefits of Universal Design
Universal design is convenient for everyone--not just Grandma and Grandpa.

How to Sell Aging-in-Place
Marketing aging-in-place projects requires a slightly different approach. Here are some tips for selling to aging clients.

Comprehensive Universal Design Checklist
In interviewing clients for aging-in-place renovations, Houston-based Legal Eagle Contractors documents—room by room—any current problems owners have in using the space. This checklist will allow you to do the same.

Designing Interiors for Accessibility
The ABCs of Accessibility offers universal design consulting and educational services for consumers and professionals.

Ideas and Solutions for Aging in Place
Aging in Place at Home is a universal design resource site for health care, home modifications, technology, and products.

Project: Accessible Entry
This renovation project creates an accessible entry using a bermed pathway and step-free covered porch.

Project: Adaptable Entrances
A step-free entrance need not saddle your project with an institutional look. The team at Better Living Design provides examples of gracious entrances that accommodate everyone.

Project: Universal Design it Forward
Help prepare your current clients for their future with great ideas that promote comfort, durability, accessibility, and safety.

Video: Understanding Universal Design and Business Needs
There are many ways to succeed in the remodeling, and there’s no rule that says you can’t succeed in more than one line of business at a time. John Robertson of HomeKeepers explains how to make universal design part of your success formula.

Video: Renovate Your Home Using Universal Design
Remodeler and universal design pro Bryce Jacobs discusses how homeowners can ensure that their remodel will fit their needs throughout their lives.

Video: High-Style Bath Products that Enhance Accessibility
Bill Owens and Richard Duncan from the Better Living Design Institute review some high-function—and highly aesthetic—bath accessories that are compatible with universal design.

Video: AARP Universal Design Resources
AARP’s Jeanne Anthony explains where construction professionals can find resources and criteria related to accessible design.

Video: Building Green with Universal Design
What does green design have to do with creating a home for life? Green building consultant Carl Seville explains how high-performing products can lead to healthier lifestyles.


What is High Performance?
The Building Performance Institute (BPI) explains how to make a home more energy efficient, comfortable, and safe.

Building Performance Certification for Construction Professionals
BPI offers several training and certification programs in residential energy efficiency and building science.

Paying for Building Performance Upgrades
BPI provides up-to-date information on incentives and rebates for building performance upgrades.

Video: A Homeowner’s Guide to High Performance Renovations
BPI offers a look at its approach to enhancing an existing home’s performance.

Project: Remodeling for Building Performance: Five Case Studies
BPI details five projects that successfully tackled common building performance problems.

Building America Solution Center
Expert information on hundreds of topics related to high performance construction, including HVAC components, windows, indoor air quality, air sealing and insulation.

Air Sealing and Insulation Methods for Existing Homes
The U.S. Department of Energy provides an overview of best practices for home retrofit professionals.

Top 10 Questions for Comparing Home Performance Contractors
When interviewing a contractor to remodel your home for better performance, bring this list of key questions from BPI.

Video: Indoor Air Quality and Asthma
BPI CEO Larry Zarker discusses how outdated heating systems and other triggers in the home can lead to asthma and what BPI is doing to solve the problem.

Green Remodeled Home Guidelines and Tips
Looking to make your remodeling project green? Consider the programs offered by ReGreen, Energy Star, and Home Innovation Research Labs.

Remodeling for Resiliency
Developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, the Fortified certification program offers advice on adapting existing houses to better withstand the forces of nature.

Video: Air Sealing Done Right
Air sealing can reduce a home’s energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Remodeler Greg Burnet offers guidance on how to achieve maximum efficiency for your customers.