The powder room is one of the smaller single rooms that can be included in a remodel. It can be easy to just include the powder room with the same style as the rest of a home remodel, but Sarah Wolf over at Case Design argues that the powder room shouldn't be brushed aside because of its size, it should be focused on for it. Instead of just lumping it in with the rest of the house, Wolf argues that the powder room is the perfect opportunity to splurge or be bold:

Due to their typically small size, you can splurge a little more on custom cabinetry, high-end tile, luxury light fixtures, or a dramatic stone top. A $50 a square foot tile or pricey exotic counter may blow your budget in a full scale bathroom, but when you are only buying a few square feet of each, you can invest in higher end selections that otherwise might be out of reach. Explore your dream finishes, exceptional or exclusive pieces and really make the room a stand out space in your home.

Click on the link below to read her full argument over at Case Design's website.

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