Industry experts at the Color Marketing Group have selected the color palette for homes in 2005 — colors that “convey a respectful, serious nature, yet touch the soul.” CMG's color professionals noted that the “spa” experience adds a spiritual nature to color and refreshes, rejuvenates, and cleanses the palette. Consumers want comfort, stability, and security, but optimistically yearn for bright and fresh signs of a better world to come. Home colors continue to soften and become more serene. Many consumers will still be playing it safe with color, but they also want bright and fresh hues.

Sea coral. A sensually tactile hue comes to the home from fashion and cosmetics. Yellow infuses pink with a healthy glow.

Latin rose. Baked by the equatorial sun, red is softened and neutralized.

Twilight shadow. Serene and safe, this red-infused blue is airy and atmospheric.

Eden. A new beginning, eden creates optimism and rejuvenation. This organic green is a symbol of the desire for rebirth and recovery.

Sheer. Like sunlight streaming through sheer fabric, this white infused with yellow is clean and bright.