Thursday morning, kitchen guru James Krengel brought 40 years of experience to his Remodeling Show seminar on principles of kitchen and bath design. The former Remodeling magazine Foundation Award winner (To read the profile, go to Jim Krengel Profile and to hear his Webinars, visit Jim Krengel webinars) During the seminar, Krengel said that homeowners are fearful of making mistakes in choosing colors. He says if a kitchen and bath designer is knowledgeable about color, it gives their client confidence. He talked about the qualities of color and explained the format of the color wheel. Designers can use different combinations of colors on the wheel: those next to each other (analagous); shades of the same color (monochromatic); colors opposite each other (complementary); or three colors equidistant from each other. If a design has unity, intensity and vitality, it is a successful project.

He also discussed the use of patterns in a project:

  • Structural: patterns that show the structure of the project
  • Naturalistic: elements taken from nature
  • Stylized: taking a known item and stretching or reforming it, but keeping it recognizable
  • Geometric: shapes and lines
  • Abstract: random sizes and shapes

Krengel also talked about different types of lines and how they can be used to create a specific type of feeling. He says vertical lines add height and draws the eye up and is used for formal settings. Horizontal lines are restful and make a room look longer or wider. Diagonal lines bring excitement to a room. Curved lines can be formal or informal and can work in both contemporary and traditional settings.