When Jonas Carnemark updated his Web site last year, he created client and trade partner log-in areas. Though not all clients or trades need, want, or have the technological savvy to use this new part of the site, Carnemark included it as a means to improve communication, and he hopes for increased use in the coming years. “It’s just another useful tool in our communication toolkit,” says the owner of Carnemark Systems + Design, in Bethesda, Md.

Currently subs receive project information by fax or e-mail. If they need specific information or details, they call the architect. But since most questions can be answered by looking at the plans, specifications, or photos, Carnemark wants eventually to post full project details on the partner log-in section of the Web site, including downloadable plans, specifications, directions, photos, and possibly video. “All the information will be in one area, so different people can access it,” he says.

Each project will have a separate password, so trade partners will only be able to view jobs they are working on. Carnemark hopes that trades that require a lot of product information will find the site especially helpful. “For example, with window take-offs, if we have the entire window product schedule there, the trade can price it without going to the jobsite,” he says.

Carnemark decided to create this section after visiting a commercial construction company that has a similar section on its Web site. He also plans to create a non-password-protected area where potential partners can see the company’s general conditions, rules, and requirements for subcontractors. That information will, in turn, help emphasize the company’s professionalism to potential clients.

The client-only section of the site will have a product selection calendar and specifications, as well as a place where designers can post products and links for clients to review. —N.P.