More than one-third of homeowners have done pet-related remodeling in the last two years, according to a recent Houzz survey.

Just ask 2016 Remodeling Big50 honoree Matt Martini of OnSight Construction who was recently hired by Sherry and Keith Gregor to install an automatic pet door for their two dogs. By the time the job was finished, however, Max and Gusto had an entire master suite with pool access and custom-built beds!

His work is featured in a recent USA Today piece by Stacey Freed on canine-friendly remodeling projects.

"During the planning, the Gregors had an aha! moment when they realized, as Sherry says, that “no one uses the living room, and the pool and the only grass are in the side yard right outside the living room.” The idea for Max and Gusto’s bedroom was born."

Max and Gusto certainly couldn't be more pleased with the results and are now living the good life.

"Like a couple of guys on spring break, Max and Gusto can trot out their automatic door and head to the beach-access pool where they 'like to stomp around in the shallow end,' Sherry says. Magnets on their collars activate the door — when the dogs approach, the door opens for a few seconds and then closes."

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