While indoor pools are relatively uncommon amenities, featured only in about 0.7% of luxury home listings in the U.S. according to Realtor.com, home owners who pay their high construction costs value them for their shelter and comfort.

Adding one of these pools to a private home can cost a prospective buyer anywhere between $150,000 for a basic 20x40 lap pool or upwards of $1 million for a specialized structure. [Ruth Aveta of Creative Master Pools] estimated that about 60% to 70% of the indoor pools she builds involve a theme, such as a recent project meant to resemble a Roman bath. “They’re typically looking to evoke some kind of feeling with it,” she said.

But these prices don’t necessarily translate into resale value. Of that very small number of luxury listings with indoor pools, homes priced over $1 million were asking 2% less per square foot than homes with outdoor pools, and only 4% more than homes with no pool at all.

“It’s a highly personalized amenity that requires a lot of maintenance,” said New York-based appraiser Jonathan Miller. “That’s not for everybody, but the ones that have it would swear by it.”

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