Houzz contributor Kelly Porter says that added metal fixtures in a room with white paint colors, can be a simple way accent a space. Adding metals can create a mode without colorful walls, but instead can be a sleek and sophisticated integral part of a room’s decor. Metal fixtures such as lights, handles, mirrors, and shelving add a great eye-catching contrast to any room.

Porter gives these tips on how to incorporate metal into a white room:

  • Using gold fixtures, which used to be appear cheap, now are considered a way to create a classy and chic space with added glamour
  • Adding hand-rubbed antique brass gives the space an added “wow factor"
  • Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures paired with white spaces create a stand-out contrast that is casual and sophisticated. Plus, oil-rubbed bronze is a no-fuss metal because it is very durable, thus great for bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Polished silver adds sparkle to an otherwise drab room
  • Rose gold isn’t just a fixture of the IPhone 6s. The copper finish adds warmth to a space

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