Is beige the new “it” color for home interiors? Houzz’s Australia Contributor Janet Dunn says that while gray has been the go-to color, beige may have been left behind in the process classified as "boring." Yet, there's more to beige than meets the eye. Do you and your clients know how to utilize beige?

Dunn writes on how you and your clients can use beige to update a home and how some designers are bringing beige back to the indoors, but with a 21st-century update.

Beige is basically light brown. With such wide parameters, it’s open to interpretation: To some, it’s as light as off-white; to others, it goes all the way up to an earthy midtone. It covers the spectrum of creamy-warm to sandy-earthy, depending on the undertones. The color commonly has a yellow or pink base, adjusted with other pigments in an infinite variety of combinations. Beige has many aliases — think ecru, buttermilk, biscuit, oatmeal, vanilla, almond, cafe au lait, camel, flax, sand, string, straw, dune, ivory, eggshell or chamois.

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