Each May, REMODELING inducts 50 new companies into its “Big50.” These remodelers have set the standard for professionalism and integrity through their smart marketing, exemplary business practices, unique design work, and notable impact on their community or the industry at large.

But the Big50 name is something of a misnomer, since the award has little to do with company size. Instead, it recognizes excellence and leadership, and the companies that belong to this select group set an example for the rest of the industry.

One of the most valuable benefits of being selected is the opportunity to build relationships with other Big50 winners, many of which keep in touch with one another throughout the year.

The application form aims to provide a basic overview of your company. It’s free to apply. All it will cost you is a couple of hours of your time to fill out the application and do a phone interview with one of our editors. Ready to throw your hat into the ring? Fill out the application or nominate another company. —Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.

A. Contact Information We ask for owner name and contact information so the editors can follow up with a phone interview.

B. Type of Projects Since remodeling contractors complete a range of different projects, this allows us to tailor our follow-up questions to your specific business.

C. Compensation Some remodelers are wary of sharing salary and bonus details, but we keep this information absolutely confidential and use it solely to evaluate your company. A remodeling company owner who receives a competitive salary is one indicator of a profitable company.

D. Financials We’re looking for companies that are healthy and profitable, so the Big50 application does involve some financial review. Recent sales revenue and gross and net profit information provide a snapshot of your business, while the five-year average gross and net provide us with some history. If an editor calls to interview you, he or she will likely ask for your most recent balance sheet.

E. Employee Benefits We ask several questions about the benefits your company provides to its employees, including holidays, paid vacation, health insurance, and retirement plans. Though you don’t have to off er your staff all of these to qualify to be a Big50, we do regard taking care of employees as a best practice.