Renovating their 1917 Italian Renaissance-style home, bed-and-breakfast owners Tracy Bosen and Kevin Michael discovered three bottles of Teacher’s Highland Cream Blended Scotch whisky. Bosen and Michael discovered this whisky as they were tearing down built-in chest of drawers, “noticing a hidden compartment in a place where the dresser and a perpendicular show bin converged.” In that shoe bin lay the three bottles of whisky, none of which has a date on the labels or glass, except for a strip of newspaper wrapped around one bearing the date Dec. 19, 1930. Quite possibly the bottles were hidden during during the American Prohibition era between 1920 to 1933. Bosen told the East Oregonian that he’ll open of the bottles for a special occasion.

“They say that whisky and scotch get better with age. I would assume this is probably pretty good stuff.”

The home is 6,000+ square feet, and renovators are having a tricky time striking a balance between keeping the historic components of the home yet also updating it with modern features.

They are bringing the central vacuum and intercom systems back to life and are maintaining an old European shower with a network of pipes that surround the bather and spray from multiple angles. They wouldn’t dream of removing ornate ceilings, old ice delivery doors, the bathroom chandelier or a four-person elevator installed in 1947…
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