One way to make a remodel less-than-perfect for your clients is to choose the wrong paint color for the walls. Though your client adored Blue Lagoon on paper, they might not be as thrilled with it once they see it on all four walls of their bathroom. Here are five tips to test your color options before splashing one color all over the walls.

  1. Paint it on the Wall – A wall’s texture plays into how a color appears on a wall. Painting a color onto the wall of the space will be a better representation of what the whole wall will look like in that color.
  2. Paint Two Coats – A second coat of paint could alter the way the paint color reads in a space. In addition, you’re most likely going to paint the space with two coats of paint, so applying two coats during the test process will give you the most accurate representation of the final color.
  3. Use a Primer – Some deeper colors can only be created when using specialized primers. While these paints might not be available in a sample size, you might be able to get the primer in a sample size.
  4. Paint More Than One Wall – Wall color could read differently on each wall, depending on how much light each wall gets. Painting one wall that gets a lot of light and one wall that gets mostly shadow will give you the best idea of what the color will look like throughout the room.
  5. Install Lighting First – Pick and install your lighting first, especially the bulbs, before testing your paint colors. One bulb could have a yellow glow, whereas another could produce bright light, both of which will look different during the day and at night. Choosing the light you want in the space first will make it easier to choose a paint shade that works at all times of day.
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