Japanese architect Masatoshi Hirai was tasked with transforming a 1970’s compact flat into a home fit for a modern family of four. Instead of creating separate living areas, the clients wanted a more communal home so that the family could spend more time together. The family shares a single bedroom, lounge, desk space, and even one closet. Hirai transformed the space so that each room in the home serves as a themed communal space. Hirai also raised the ceiling with added concrete beams that create an unfinished look in contrast to the hardwood flooring throughout.

As Dezeen Magazine writes,

“The primary living space and study are distinguished by a level change, which is also used to disguise integrated furniture. A panel can be lifted from the centre of the study's raised timber floor to form a desk with a sunken footwell, and lowered when the family wants to use the space as a lounge. This space-saving table allows the room to serve multiple purposes within the compact apartment.”

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