Greg Hadley

The owner of this home “needed a place away from his office where he could work,” says Mark Scott of Mark IV Builders. Scott’s team, working with the homeowner, decided to create an octagonal home office addition to give the room a 250-degree view of the wooded property on which the house sits. Once the structure was framed and utilities were put in, the team filled the walls with foam insulation, which is why Scott lovingly calls the space a “17-foot octagonal Coleman cooler.”

The office’s shape isn’t the only thing that makes it special. The team wanted to make sure each piece of beadboard on the ceiling matched up, so they ran it horizontally instead of vertically, which took a little extra time.

When the homeowner told Scott he would be using his grandfather’s walnut desk in the space, Scott suggested using matching dark walnut floors instead of the standard oak. Scott’s team carefully laid the wood flooring in a segmented circle to match the pattern of the ceiling’s beadboard. Because the boards were going in different directions, Scott’s team “had to hand-scrape all of the boards in the octagonal section,” he says.

Scott still remembers this project two years later because of the wood: “It overlooks woods; the floor is a dark walnut, the shelves are all rock maple. Being a carpenter and being in construction, anything with wood just resonates with me.”