With more than 2 million photos on its site, Houzz users have plenty of inspiration to compile their ideabooks, but a few photos were saved more than others. The company today released its Fall 2013 Kitchen Trends Study, for which more than 7,800 American Houzz users shared their kitchen remodeling plans and progress. According to the report, the most popular photos on Houzz from July to September 2013 featured specific design choices that highlight consumers' current design interests. Here's a look at the biggest trends, along with Houzz's insight on what's motivating the selections.

Bigger Isn't Better

Houzz reports that most of its users don't want a larger kitchen, but do want the feeling of space. As such, islands remain a popular design feature, selected by 61% of Houzzers, and open concepts are also trending. Three-quarters (77%) of respondents to Houzz's survey said their kitchens will be open to other rooms in the house. Additionally, 36% specified that their reasons for remodeling their kitchens included a desire to open the floor plan.

On the Surface

Homeowners often focus on what they can touch and see in the kitchen, so finish selections and material choices are made carefully. Houzz reports that stainless steel is the top finish for appliances, chosen by 65% of respondents. Only 12% are using white appliances or another color, while 16% are integrating appliances into cabinetry.

Nearly all Houzzers surveyed (94%) say that changing countertops is in their kitchen remodeling plans. Fifty percent of homeowners will use granite, while 36% say they're choosing quartz. After that, the popularity of materials drops off significantly with 12% choosing butcher block or wood, 10% opting for marble, and 9% each selecting solid-surface or laminate. Concrete, stainless steel, recycled materials, tile, and copper or zinc round out the list. Notice that these percentages add up to much more than 100%? Houzz says the trend of using one material on the counters and another for the island is alive and well; many users selected multiple surfaces.

While only 2% of respondents are using tile for their countertops, it remains the most popular choice for backsplashes. According to the report, 50% of homeowners are specing tile backsplashes, with 15% going with glass, and 6% choosing the same material as their countertop.

Tile is also still a popular flooring material. One third (32%) of respondents are opting for tile kitchen floors, while another third (35%) prefer hardwood.

All surfaces included, in terms of the overall look of a kitchen, Houzz says thbright colors are trendy for décor, but the majority of homowners (75%) are selecting soft and neutral color palettes for their kitchens. Only 14% are going with bright and colorful designs, and 11% are creating bold or dramatic spaces.

Style for the Ages

Houzz reports that age is more than just a number - it seems to coincide with how homeowners view their design style. According to the survey, users under age 45 are more likely to define their style as "contemporary," while users 45 and over favor a "traditional" look. More specifically, the data shows that the older a homeowner is, the more likely they are to move away from contemporary and towards traditional design.

What's My Motivation?

Not surprisingly, the reasons behind homeowners' decisions to remodel their kitchen are many and varied. In general, Houzz says that homeowners are interested in creating kitchens that please themselves (rather than designing for resale), and focus on aesthetics and functionality.

Half of respondents (49%) say using eco-friendly appliances and materials in their kitchen is important. And while budgets may prevent homeowners from getting exactly the products and features they want in their kitchens, Houzzers have impressive wish lists, particularly when it comes to appliances.

See the full report from Houzz online here.