By Jim Cory. Additions often present an opportunity to suggest clients change out the windows in the rest of the house to match the windows going in the addition. Whether or not the suggestion is made depends on the budget. Sometimes, if clients are already strapped, suggesting an extension in the scope of work might sound a distinctly wrong note. Then again, clients may be open to suggestions of a larger home improvement, especially if presented as a way to add value to the investment.

"We're always working budget-backwards," says Jim Strite, Strite Design + Build, Boise, Idaho. "We say, Here is the addition you want. However, to tie it into your existing architecture, we suggest you replace your windows."

Scope of work and the age of the house are two more factors that may encourage a complete window replacement. "If they're doing an addition, and they're factoring in new siding and a new roof, we'll push for the windows," says Dett Otterbeck, an upstate New York contractor. "At the 20 year mark, your roofing, siding, and windows are pretty well whipped. If you can replace the entire envelope at that time, you're set."