Some homeowners won’t have to go too far for a relaxing getaway; they’ll just need to take a few steps to their home’s pool. Yet, with a pool come many accessories and maintenance products, and storing them on the side of the pool can really cramp the style of a home. Thus, a well-designed pool house can provide functional space for damp bathing suits, wet beach balls, showers, and storage.

The Washington Post’s Michele Lerner focuses on what homeowners need to look for when adding a pool house to their backyard. Typically, pool houses offer amenities such plumbing, changing rooms, a kitchenette, storage for towels and pool equipment, electricity, a tv, and heat and air conditioning. Lerner says that this can generally cost roughly $200,000.

Lerner spoke with Don Nesmith, president of Land & Water Design in Haymarket, Va., who said that:

"Families need to think about how they will use the pool house at different phases. Most people want the pool house closer to the main house, especially if they have small children, but one family in Clifton had teenagers and wanted the pool house to be a place where their teens could hang out with their friends at home without worrying about noise. We placed that one a little farther from the main house.”

To learn more about the amenities of pool houses and to view a slideshow of the pool houses from the Washington, D.C.,-area , click the link below.

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