The life of a home can often be found in a family room, but the focal point of a home can be a stunning staircase. That’s the case with a London studio staircase designed by 51 Architecture that combined digital fabrication with boatbuilding techniques to create this staircase. After being tasked with remodeling a two-level home, Dezeen reports, the main object was to "replace the original boxy staircase with a lighter, more space-efficient alternative. They also reconfigured the upper-level bedroom floor and created a roof terrace to provide a place for both relaxation and play.”

Project architect Matt Smith told Dezeen,

"The clients asked us to reconfigure the apartment with a design that would evoke feelings of the Italian landscapes of their childhood, the sensory experience of cool enclosure and bright, warm fields. We wanted to design a new staircase that created more space with a tighter geometry, but also felt like an organic transition between the cool, sheltered living spaces downstairs and the brightness and warmth of the spaces upstairs.”

The first two treads of the staircase are built from several layers of ash and the rest is comprised of solid ash which are operated by gaps. The end result is a stunning display of remodeling craftsmanship and ingenuity. To learn more about the project and view more photographs, click below.

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