Unlike most tiny homes on wheels that can be driven to a new location, this new prefabricated tiny home model is designed to be broken down and reassembled in less than a day. In September 2015, Estonian design collective Kodasema created the prototype for KODA, a 270-square-foot prefab dwelling made of concrete that sells for around $111,000.

The free-standing home can be assembled on-site without a foundation. Residents of the KODA home can easily relocate in one day—the house can be assembled in seven hours, and dismantled in as little as four to prepare for transport.

The designers at Kodasema were inspired to create a housing model that answered to the needs of today's homeowners while still bringing a fresh sense of design to a sustainable, healthy, and easy to assemble home.

"Architecture is considered to be an 'eternal' art – the houses are built to last on the spot forever, therefore 'temporary' is considered a synonym of 'low quality' in the construction business," said the architects. "Needs of the communities and people change, however. So we should be able to make use of empty slots in the city centers that wait for the new skyscraper to be erected in 10 years. No need to make compromises in living quality for the pop-up village’s inhabitants."

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