Growing up in Ojai, Calif., Suzanna Gray quickly left for the East Coast after graduating from high school. However, after the death of both of her parents, Gray decided to revisit this 1959 mid-century home. Built by Rodney Walker, describes it as having captivated residents with its “glass-walled, steel I-beam construction.”

The uniqueness of the home inspired Gray to return and revitalize the home where she grew up, and relive some childhood memories. Gray hired Allen Construction to begin updating the home, while still maintaining the preserved design such as the old-growth-redwood framing. The biggest obstacle in this renovation was the leaky roof that Matt Caligiure of Allen Construction had to tackle; they had to completely gut the roof, and now the new roof envelops the beams and prevents leakage.

When it came to the kitchen, some updates were needed. As Houzz’s Mitchell Parker writes:

Gray worked with interior designer Corinne von Guenthner of Allen Construction to update the kitchen and bathrooms. Though they gutted the kitchen and replaced the cabinets, the layout stayed virtually the same.

A barrier originally separated the kitchen from the living and dining area, and stuck out in a way that partially blocked the handle to the sliding glass door. Gray pushed things back 6 inches to line up the peninsula flush with the door. And since new appliances require deeper space than those of the 1950s, she encroached into a laundry and utility room behind the refrigerator. She also ran propane to replace some of the electric appliances.

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