Are you about to embark on a basement remodeling project? Take a page out of this Seattle basement renovation that turned this one room into a family oasis. Designer Katie Hackworth took the 1,2000-square-foot basement and used all that the space had to offer for a mudroom, walk-in closet, boiler and water tank closet, guest bath, guest bedroom, playroom, media room, and a family room.

This once isolated and unused space, has turned into a room where the client’s kids can grow up and where house guests can comfortably stay. With low ceilings, there was limited light to work with so Hackworth added standout light fixtures and painted all the surfaces in a non glossy white hue. The layering of natural tones throughout this underground space creates a warm and inviting feel with dark furniture features and neutral tones such as brown, white, beige, and black.

If your client is unsure of how to move forward with a basement remodel, share this with your client to show them how a basement remodel could enhance their home.

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