Franchise organizations in home renovation focus on specific products (steel siding) or services (glass or grout/tile repair). They’re niche businesses in which the franchisor provides the marketing, management, and financial discipline to help owners succeed. Going in costs are all over the board — see the Remodeling 550 franchise list — depending on niche complexity and owner assets.

“Franchises allow businesspeople a point of entry into a trades-based business,” notes Dan Frey, owner and founder of The Glass Guru, a Sacramento–based company specializing in window and door repair or replacement.

They also allow remodelers to use their construction knowledge to create a profitable side line in, say, kitchen remodeling or home inspection. One thing holding potential franchisers back is the credit market. “There are a lot of people out there looking for opportunities,” Frey notes, “but helping our qualified prospects get financing is the biggest challenge.”

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REMODELING contributing editor Jim Cory is the editor of REMODELING's sister publication, REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR.