The remodeling process has a lot of moving parts and, as a result, a lot of things that can go wrong. Many mistakes will be caught and prevented by a good remodeler, but some just can't be avoided.

Just ask Adam Smith and Tana Powers of PowerSmith Design who encountered a surprise kitchen leak only four hours into a kitchen remodel.

“One of the original cabinets had been nailed to a water pipe behind the kitchen wall. For something like 20 years, the nail had been preventing a leak, but when we pulled the nail out, water went everywhere," Smith and Powers told Houzz. "We always include a line item in our budgets that we call ‘Oh Snap, I Hadn’t Thought of That,’ for unexpected things like this.”

Learn from these mistakes. Have you made a remodeling 'uh-oh' that others could learn from? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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