Whether your client wants a place for the entire family to gather or a kid hideout, Houzz writer Michelle Gage gives 10 suggestions on how clients can get the most bang for their buck with a basement remodel.

  1. Choose a theme: Have your client pick a theme for the downstairs to let their creative juices flow. This can also narrow down the look and feel of a place for your client so that they don’t feel too overwhelmed.
  2. Add light: Basements are often stuffy, dark, and dreary. By adding extra light fixtures in the ceiling and lighter shades of paint on the walls, you can brighten up the usually dark space.
  3. Add Pops of Color: While Gage recommends lighter shades of paint to the walls, that recommendation doesn’t translate to no color usage. Instead, Gage recommends testing out bold colors in a basement, where these colors can be warm and inviting.

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