Coloring books offer children an idle and engaging way of spending time. Why does that have to stop when you get older? Coloring books for adult have been linked to stress relief, where coloring allows you explore ones feelings, emotional conflict, foster self-awareness, and manage stress. The rise in adult coloring books, Curbed’s Jenny Xie chronicles 10 of the best coloring books that are fit for architecture and design lovers alike.

  1. City Maps by Gretchen Peterson allows colorists to dive into detailed maps.
  2. Fantastic Structures by Steve McDonald offers realistic global architecture for colorists to explore.
  3. Cats in Paris by Won-Sun Jang takes a cat lover’s dream of placing cats throughout historic city sites.
  4. Color-in 1960s furniture fixtures and decor with Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Mania by Jen Ski
  5. Make a home as warm and cozy as possible with Home is Where the Heart Is by Steve Duffendack

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