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Adding small pops of color in the kitchen can be achieved with a bright backsplash, bold kitchen appliances, or with linens such as dish towels and placemats. One way to add a larger dose of color is by painting the kitchen island. To your clients, having a colorful island might seem like a big commitment, but the results can be beautiful. contributor and interior designer Jennifer Ott argues in favor of a colorful island:

Gone is the unwritten rule that kitchen cabinets need to match. Cladding the island in an interesting accent color is a nice way to break things up. And lately we’ve noticed a bounty of blue islands. This may be due to the soothing qualities of the hue, which we associate with the sea and the sky. In stressful and unsettling times, why not surround ourselves with colors that help us relax and chill out?

To see 10 gorgeous, blue kitchen islands, follow the link below.

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