Recent reports, including Houzz’s Renovation Barometer, are stating the labor shortage in the industry is alive and well. To fight against the issue, remodeling writer and expert Victoria Downing gives some valuable strategies on how to ensure your company is hiring and retaining the right employees.

Downing states there are three powerful tips that play a role in beating the shortage, retain your current staff, reduce the need to hire by streamlining some work, and create an effective recruiting system for hiring.

1. Retain your current staff – In the current work environment, workers are looking for an employer that teaches, is family-friendly, demonstrates teamwork, and shares the decision-making. Try to give your current employees the same attention as the new hires, keep them informed with company developments, and offer new training opportunities. A regular check-in, with how they are doing and how the workload is treating them, will go a long way.

2. Reduce your need to hire by increasing efficiency – If you decide to invest some time in streamlining some of the work your company does, each employee will be able to leverage more volume. Some practical ideas for decreasing the workload of your employees are, outsourcing to freelancers or subcontractors, buying labor-saving tools, developing a cross-department team, or checking with your suppliers and subs to see what they can do themselves.

3. Create an effective recruiting system – A clear job description that not only describes the position well, but also describes the underlying traits needed to succeed in the job will attract the right people. Downing suggests to recruit all the time, use social media, look at what your competitors are doing, offer better benefits, and always remember ambition should be considered over experience.

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